Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sexy Wedding Shoes Are A Fun Addition To Your Wedding Wardobe

LOVE Those Shoes - So In Love Am I With Sexy Shoes.....But We All Must Take Sensibility To The Store When Shopping For Wedding Dress Shoes!!

Seven Questions To Consider When Selecting Wedding Shoes!

I love the glamour shoes on the market…..they make our legs and ankles look amazing! Having a bit of a shoe fetish myself, I have had to come to grips on what I buy for what occassion.

I see brides and brides to be - wearing some very unique shoes, fun colors, lace boots, platform shoes with strap-styles, and tights. There are great ideas for fun glamour style shoes to match their attire. I have also had to help brides who fell in them, and helped tuck wedding dresses around the ankle boots and casts worn for sprained and broken ankles.

Yes we have all been warned. Some of us are very adept at wearing very high heels. So whether you are great at wearing the 3-7 inch heels,  consider  these Seven Questions to think about as you select your shoes for your wedding day apparel. 

Consider how you look walling in the very high shoes You have spent all this money on a dress that you want to wear gliding down the aisle. With very high heels....The view of your body for most women is to lurch forward from the waist up - to keep the balance. Many look like they are taking a gallop....not what you want on the wedding aisle. So work on the posture and walk in your shoes well in advance if wearing very high heels.

When shopping for shoes, the questions are:

1. Can you wear them again with anything else? Do we want to be practical?
2. Are you on a beach, garden terrace or lawns with uneven steps at your venue?
3. Can you dance in them?
4. Can you score the bottoms of the soles so they do not slip on different surfaces?
5. How many hours can you stand in them without the shoes hurting?
6. Do you have strong ankles?
7. Do they make you taller than your groom?

Sometimes brides select two pair of shoes to wear on their wedding day.
Score the bottom of the shoe with a sharp knife to keep you from slipping on various surfaces.
Take a very good look/photo the fabric of your dress to match it out with color, fabric and style.
Flats and ballet style shoes work best on sand.

Love your comments & photos on wedding shoes...

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