Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go On A Date, and Lower Wedding Stress During The Engagement Period

Often something happens to a woman as soon as the engagement ring is placed on her hand. A frenzy of do this and do that! What do we want in a wedding? Where will it be? How do we set a budget? Select this and that. Interview this vendor and that vendor. Pretty soon the grooms tell me "They often become forgotten and no longer have the lady they intended to marry." While some of this is probable, there are ways to circumvent the larger problems and reduce the stress between the couple....that can prevent the "Throw Away Groom".

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1. Go on a date. Just the two of you or with friends. Be who you were while courting. Set rules to NOT talk about the wedding during that time and just have fun together as a couple. I know your friends will ask questions - but politely say - we're on a date and not discussing it tonight, give me a call, Ill fill you in.
2. Dating during the engagement period can be exploring fun dining places or as simple as cooking dinner together or stopping by a food take-out. It can be local parks, music clubs and city events.
3. Dating can include being a local tourist. Look up your region on the web. You will be amazed at the areas you have never explored in your own neck of the woods or the city next door.

          Find great dating ideas and activities on for the region you are in.

You will find in the right column of your regional menu an area marked "Area Activities & Dining" also Convention Bureaus (CVB's) and Chambers hosting links to the area activities. Enjoy!

Understand couples can set specific times to work on the wedding or share the concerns that develop. The date - night or day - is the time to be "the two of you" and not abused by airing concerns or leveraging deals.
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