Sunday, June 27, 2010

SEVEN Big Tips on Planning Your Honeymoon

Considering how the world has become smaller, the Honeymoon is often planned with as much detail as a wedding. Here are a SEVEN Big Tips for creating a fun time together.

1. Budget a third to a half more for excursions, tips and restaurants if the location is not all-inclusive. It really helps to lower your costs if the hotel serves you breakfast as part of the cost.
2. Several of the big name resorts for honeymooners are offering the airfare included through bonded travel agencies or a free wedding package
3. Booking online can be a “blind purchase” unless you have been there previously. Believe me, their websites can include the best photos and leave out the section of town they are in – which could be unsafe. Travel agents have often been to the resorts and know the type of service they deliver.
4. Discounted cruises can be a bargain but you will need funds for tips and a few excursions and served drinks while aboard.

5. Couples can be exhausted after planning a wedding. Getting on an airplane and flying through two or three airports of 6 to 12 hours will add to your honeymoon exhaustion. Many couples are opting to begin their honeymoon a week or so later after the wedding day.
6. Check the web for discounted excursion or entry fees grouped for the area or check with the Visitor’s Bureau for important things to see while visiting.
Final tip - first few days of sun can be disaster to cuddling on your honeymoon..... if you burn easily. General rule - 15 minutes first day and build to half hour – then maybe up to one hour a few days later….even sun block will not help with over-exposure to the sun.  

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Free Access to Thousands of wedding and honeymoon locations and wedding professionals linked on for local, USA and various areas of the world. This resources is great for planning a destination wedding. 

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