Monday, February 15, 2016

Select Your Wedding & Reception MUSIC In Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, San Francisco Bay Area To Los Angeles & New York City

Deciding on your wedding and reception music takes a few thoughts on planning. This can include small jazz bands, organist, piano-keyboard, large dance bands, guitar solos, soloists, recorded music, disc jockeys, string quartets,  flute or violin players, etc.  In your ceremony you may want a more quiete tone with classical modern love songs.  For the reception, it can move to dancing favorites and on to something for all ages. 

You may have a very formal  or casual wedding ceremony and reception planned and like only pop or jazz or or or music. Talk to a pro if you are not familiar with music names and ideas or watch a few videos on
below... offers a number of creative music makers in the region you choose to complete your wedding.

You will need to decide the...
Ceremony Seating Music
Wedding Party Entrance Music
Any Solos or Performances During The Ceremony
Exit  The Aisle Music
First Dance Music
Dance With Father Music
Fun Dance Numbers
The Reception Dance Music


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