Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Engagements, Engagement Rings, Wedding Planning In New York City, Niagara Falls, & Cities In New York State

             "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" Digital Magazine

Subject:  Engagement Equals = Wedding Planning!!!

So many of you are getting engaged at this time of year, or maybe it is your anniversary of when you became engaged last year and you are in your final stages of wedding planning.

As a writer & publisher of wedding planning books and magazines, this former wedding planner finds it important to give you quality short cuts, tips and creative ideas to gain your perfect wedding day.  From simple to luxury is what each of our support products give you the ability to save time, money and lower your stress....  Here is how...

Our digital Magazine - open here to AWARD winning venues and services throughout the state of California.  Just click on the links and go directly to the venue or vendor's website.
Enjoy turning the pages on gives you the famous design houses for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dress, mothers, flower girls and ethnic styles.  Have fun opening those links and previewing styles you may want to look for in the individual areas
bridal shops.  We try to give you the very best shops, known for personal services  provides venues for every style and budget wedding.  We give you the number of guests, a direct link and general ambiance prior to your even looking at a location.   

We also offer you a FREE wedding planner "The Wedding Manifesto" We e-mail you the links to the book, management forms.  Easy to read and follow.  Just send us your e-mail, wedding date and city to be married.

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