Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Use Black Friday Sales & Holiday Sales To Save Money On Your Wedding

Your wedding is coming up, yet the sales right now are amazing.  When we take a hard look at how the sales now could save us money on the wedding later, it is a good idea to stretch our budgets with the holiday sales. Thought I would share how it is possible to save money on special items for the wedding at this time. 

That's an oxy moron. How can you possibly save money...
Save Hundreds of Dollars With These TIPS ...

#1 .....The event professionals generally put their prices up in January.  If you have interviewed and really like a specific vendor, then get them booked with your deposit prior to price change.

#2 ... The Black Friday Sales are on now!!.  You know there are unique gifts for each of your bridesmaids. (matching earrings, bracelets, handbags, etc) buy them on sale now for 50% less.
We found the  helpful for new sales every week.

#3... Loads of wine specials are going on throughout the holidays. If you know your favorite to serve, then scoop it up and store it.  wine stores best laying on its side in a cool area (not freezing).

#4...The groom or dads are not wearing a rented TUX, then consider the great sales on 
suits happening now. Men's USA is having a great sale....

#5 ... You have something in mind as a Groom's Gift - look through the sales items now.

#6 ....Sign up for a Wedding Gift Registry early. 

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