Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adding Sports & Activities To Your Honeymoon Destination

Every couple takes time to select the perfect honeymoon location -- they both agree upon!!!
                           St. Regis, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Over water Bungalows Across the Waters - Photo by JR

Whew, did I say, agree on????

Well when you do not agree about where you want to go, consider using the second choice for your first or second anniversary trip.  

                                               Finding Castles in Europe or Napa Valley, California   Photo by JR

I meet couples every month where one is sedentary, and the other wants active sports, gyms or adventures plus physical challenges on their honeymoon.  Often you will find the best of both at special areas of the world.  My recent article on refers to many locations that offer the snorkeling and scuba diving adventures of a lifetime while giving you very romantic hotels and resorts.

                                                           Snow Skiing & Winter Fun, Photo by, JR

Join our blog and let us know some of your favorite adventures and stays in this wide wonderful world. You will find many links on  Choose the area on the Global Search where you want to honeymoon or trip, and then click on Honeymoon to find some very romantic spots not mentioned in the article.

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