Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Brides Need To Know About Bridal Shows

From The Wedding Coach - Judith Rivers-Moore

Each January through March and August through October we see huge numbers of bridal shows - wedding shows and personally has booths at approximately thirty a year.  While I believe these are great for exposure for businesses to brides, I believe there are many other ways for brides to shop for their venues and services. You can find links to shows on  in California, The USA and global show links throughout the world.

So please give us your input on attending a bridal expo....and I will outline my perspective below:

1. You gain many fresh ideas on design, colors, what new businesses are in the area, and meet face to face with business representatives and sometimes (not often) the owners of a business.
2. Brides and Grooms gain an understanding of the cost of a wedding in their region.
3. Some couples are at the beginning stages of planning and need a focus/pathway to getting the job done.
4. Many brides are seeking fashion ideas from the fashion show and many attend for the prize drawings.
From simple to grand, there are hundreds of decisions to make.  Photo by,

1.  Not every budget is represented. So often a couple is not certain the funds they want to spend on a specific part of their wedding and do not meet at wedding shows the more affordable decision.
2.  The table drawings are often not a direct gift, but a gift with strings attached to do more business.
3.  Some shows are so busy/attended you only gain a piece of paper and no time to discuss how they do business, so you leave the show without the information you desired.
4. First impressions of a business are often not given by the actual owner.

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