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LUXURY Wedding Venues, Wedding Services & Ideas For Wedding Celebrations

     Adding Luxury to Your Wedding  Celebrations

Couples can add one or two luxury touches to their celebration or bring luxury into light in every part of their ceremony and reception.

Luxurious Ideas For Your Wedding and Reception Venues
Most weddings require two or three venues and guest housing. While proximity may be important, we also see a high-end wedding can be a destination wedding to unique parts of the world. While finding an opulent site with beautiful wall hangings, frescos, crystal chandeliers, gold leaf trim, marble dance floors and velvet curtains rein high on the list, luxury and opulence can include renting a winery, wine cave, skyscraper roof garden with magnificent views.

A local historic mansion or lovely beach house that has been well cared for works very well. We see historic sites, tents, unique museums, botanical gardens, observatories, aquariums, art galleries - all impress and allow you to utilize the backdrop to its fullest while increasing the interest and enjoyment of your guests.
                                      Couples often chooses an event site that reflect their interests.

You've heard it before - the INVITATION sets the tone of your wedding day celebration. Engraved, Calligraphy and hand made can be inspiring

Your Ceremony.  Whether it is a beautiful church, cathedral or natural environment in the woods, beach, garden or vineyards, we find it is important to be heard and seen. A raised platform for the ceremony, good microphones, ample lighting, shaded ceremony area (when outdoors) add to your guest appreciation.  A printed program with names of the presenters, languages, explaining ethnic customs. These allow the guest to feel included and thus brings a richness to their experience.

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Your Venue Entry can be the first impression for your guests. Select a location in a nice section of town with an impressive entry or drive and top the luxury with valet parking services.

With an outdoor environment, make certain there are no apparent car sounds or air flight patterns overhead. Choosing a setting with fountain, waterfall or lovely stream, beach and waterway views can mesmerize your guests.

Nature and natural setting have a way of enriching every part of our soul.
Staging and lighting of the ceremony and/or reception are a real trend in luxury weddings. The outer building or interior lighting will excite your guests. Top the luxury with a light show during the reception music and or/ fireworks and sparklers (depends on the fire laws and your event site rules).

Aisle decor adds to the Luxury Look.  An altar cloth or arbor includes the use of the poly tulle that reflects twinkle lighting is a beautiful and romantic effect for evening weddings.  Beautiful aisle flowers and garlands offer a richness to the ceremony.

Brides often state: classical music sets the tone for their ceremony. Served by wait staff is more elegant than a buffet, champagne poured throughout an event is a luxury statement, engraved gift items from the couple add luxury well spent.

Luxury Ideas For An Evening Wedding
Outdoor weddings and evening weddings often have wine and cocktail services with canapes’ (hors d’oeurves) served prior to the party guests being seated. Hire a guitarist or one or more instrumentalist to set the mood of the day. As ceremony time nears the seating or gathering time is announced. Waiting for newlyweds to arrive prior to serving food and drink is passé.  Ceremony and Reception entry doors can be managed by persons to direct the guests to their seating...this adds to the glamour. The male ushers generally take on this task,  but we see luxury style weddings hire staff to complete this duty so the wedding party is exempt from these duties. Romantic outdoor evening weddings in full moonlight with flickering votives and oil lamps.

Luxurious Ideas For Your Reception Room Look:
When reviewing reception sites, fund those that provide a luxurious appearance. Entries to the venue and ceilings are key to visuals. Room appearance is directly affected by the look of flooring, chairs, full-length tablecloths (or pooling linens) and overlay cloths of unique fabrics. We find larger rooms incorporating a furnished area near the bar and away from the music is enjoyable Party rentals with matching dinner service, centerpieces and setting the table with specific folds to napkins for the dinner menu, unique favors all enhance the table appearance. When allowed, candles, votives and unique wedding favors enrich the mood.

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