Friday, April 15, 2011

Are Wedding Movies - The Same As Real Life Weddings??

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Wedding Movies today emphasis complaints found in the wedding industry. The movie writer wants something funny or a disaster that occurred to ruin a wedding and will complete a good movie plot. Sometimes they mock tradition and the people involved to build the characters in the wedding planning. There are now TV shows aired weekly on wedding disasters. These concerns can dull the viewers opinion and set the bride up to think all will be a disaster or you will become a bridezilla......So un-needed and unrealistic. Remember, 95% of the weddings are carried off without a problem and here are some tips on not taking their "scenes" so personally!!

1. Hiring Your Services....and asking friends or family to complete parts of the wedding services, can lead you down an un-marked trail. Ordinarily, we review wedding services recommendations, know how long they have been in business and interview them to find out what exactly they will do and sign an agreement with dates, times and outline of services....With a family/friend, we are not as inclined to do this.....think ohhhh it will be o.k., but they can let you down - leaving you with hurt feelings regarding your wedding.

2. Family Interference In Your Wedding Plans......There is always a certain amount of input from everyone. But I find busy brides are inclined to turn over their wedding to sisters-friends and then find they are having the same wedding over and over again. Same vendors, same flowers. same...everything and pretty soon, it is not your wedding at all. If you are working with someone like this, it is vital you put the time in to say how you want it to be your wedding, your ideas and create the wedding day of YOUR dreams. Working with a professional wedding planner can help with this.

3. Asking far too much out of one or two people....This is a touchy subject. Realize they may be working full time too, live in another city, have little children, ailing parents, or not appreciate the extra stress levels. Often we consider our maid of honor to be our work horse, and there are some things we do not have to ask her to do. I have seen movies where the wedding planner or maid of honor completing a bridal registry.....she and the groom need to accomplish this. Everything asked for takes an element of time and organization to get it done. Exhaustion and resentment can set in for these people.

4. Taking the nervousness and bridal stress out on others and not taking it to the gym. This can lead to lost relationships and sometimes lost grooms. Lots to learn here to stay out of the bridezilla factor.

5. Understanding the larger the wedding and reception, the more help you will need - especially the day of. This is where odd mistakes can occur. Flowers left in the sun because no one was there for the delivery. Reception set up taking much more time than you have. People not told what time and where to come for the rehearsal.....and on and on.

While there may be a concern or two on a wedding day. Understand the movies and TV shows are there to show - over reactions and over-state problems that might occur. Circumventing pitfalls and problems is what the wedding planning classes on are all about. - The first 90 minutes is free..

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