Thursday, February 3, 2011

Useful Website Tools For Brides

Let us know what you think are the BEST useful website tools for brides and grooms.
Useful Tools To Look For In A Wedding & Honeymoon Planning Portal on The Searches

Ever notice as you surf the web seeking wedding dresses, wedding venues, how-to information or linked services and ….different information is on the page that opens up – NOT what you thought would be there.

Google and other search engines have picked up various pages. They have done this to promote their AD- sales and push you back to the first page selections.

So look for the guidance bar or search system in the website you opened and use it. It is helpful to your planning to open up a portal of information.

Stay & Explore these PORTALS, they often give you links to:

§ Wedding Planning Classes

§ Designer Gown & Tuxedo Galleries

§ Articles on various wedding concerns

§ Specific area links to venues and services

§ Access to honeymoon or getaway and travel

§ Links to FaceBook, Blogs and Social Networks

§ Ability to create a SAFE wedding website

§ On-line Magazines to open up

§ The newest Trends

§ On-line Shopping with Major Stores

§ Gift Registries

§ Honeymoon Contests

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Best Wishes, Judith Rivers-Moore

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